Gamerabble x AEA Partnership

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Gamerabble and AEA have partnered to help bring esports and video game coaching to a younger audience!


About AEA

AEA is the Amateur Esports Association

AEA’s Mission

Provide a safe place for America’s youth to participate in structured esports leagues and competitions in order to foster the development of morale, sportsmanship, and citizenship.

AEA’s Vision

Legitimize and unify youth club esports in the United States.

Why choose the AEA?

The Amateur Esports Association connects clubs on regional and national levels, fostering a home for the highest form of competition within youth esports. Clubs and players can battle for competitive championships, earning more than just bragging rights. Scholarship prizing allows students to be properly rewarded for their hard work and pursue dreams of furthering their education.

What Does This Partnership Mean to You?

Certain Gamerabble coaches will undergo a more thorough vetting of their coaching practices, as well as undergoing a complete background check. Only the nest coaches who fit the values and ethos of NASEF earn the right to be able to coach with NASEF.

The Amateur Esports Association has partnered with Gamerabble in order to provide esports organizations in need of professional coaching resources with that very service. Gamerabble has established a coaching verification process which we use to qualify coaches to coach for both the Amateur Esports Association and the North American Scholastic Esports Federation. The AEA has partnered with Gamerabble in order to provide our service at a reduced rate to involved esports organizations. 

Together we hope to bring together our shared values to push forward a more positive, engaging, and healthy esports future while helping students build not only their esports prowess but developing better people with brighter futures.


Current AEA Approved Coaches

Experienced Team Coach
Email Verified Abby M

Experienced Team Coach

High school and collegiate-level Overwatch and competitive robotics coach
Email Verified Aidan F

High school and collegiate-level Overwatch and competitive robotics coach