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20 years of moba experience as a player, semi pro coach, coached in prime league and Finnish second division

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Hello and welcome, I am Coach Firefly and I’ve been playing League of Legends actively  for over 11 years and have had a various amount of strategies as well as formulas for playing the game. I’ve reached high Elo and I have a lot of coaching experience with a little over 300 plus hours of hands on coaching  in pro teams in prime league and Finnish second division. Overall in total 22 years of Μoba experience as a player ( into Moba since Dota 1 version 5.84b)

A typical session with me :
I’m using 3 stage coaching for best results
1. I will review your and talk to you so we can get to know each other better. It will give me a better understanding of you as a person and as a player. I will ask a few simple questions to know what we need to focus on and let you ask anything that you might be curious about.

2. You can pick between two options. We can do a live game where you screenshare while we are in a discord call or watch a replay of your previous game recording from league client. Some roles benefit more from vod reviews and others from live games, so feel free to discuss which is better for you. I will analyze your gameplay, identify the mistakes, explain them and guide you on how to work on them improve asap so you can win more games and rank up in short time! I will cover your runes, builds, warding and vision set up, laning phase and match ups, wave management, roaming and ganking and general macro decisions for each role.

3. Towards the end I will have a run over the important parts of the session, I’ll give you instructions what you should focus on for your next games, advise you on your champion pool so that it matches your playstyle and help you to set goals for yourself that you can work on.


coached many teams (meaning different elo of teams ) from silver to grandmasters from  around the world
coached professional teams in leagues such as
prime league (division  4 achievment: playoffs)
LCFI ( finland second division achievment: playoffs)


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