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20 years of moba experience as a player, semi pro coach, coached in prime league and Finnish second division

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Hello and welcome, I am Coach Firefly and I’ve been playing League of Legends actively  for over 11 years and have had a various amount of strategies as well as formulas for playing the game. I’ve reached high Elo and I have a lot of coaching experience with a little over 300 plus hours of hands on coaching  in pro teams in prime league and Finnish second division. Overall in total 22 years of Μoba experience as a player ( into Moba since Dota 1 version 5.84b)

A typical session with me :
I’m using 3 stage coaching for best results
1. I will review your and talk to you so we can get to know each other better. It will give me a better understanding of you as a person and as a player. I will ask a few simple questions to know what we need to focus on and let you ask anything that you might be curious about.

2. You can pick between two options. We can do a live game where you screenshare while we are in a discord call or watch a replay of your previous game recording from league client. Some roles benefit more from vod reviews and others from live games, so feel free to discuss which is better for you. I will analyze your gameplay, identify the mistakes, explain them and guide you on how to work on them improve asap so you can win more games and rank up in short time! I will cover your runes, builds, warding and vision set up, laning phase and match ups, wave management, roaming and ganking and general macro decisions for each role.

3. Towards the end I will have a run over the important parts of the session, I’ll give you instructions what you should focus on for your next games, advise you on your champion pool so that it matches your playstyle and help you to set goals for yourself that you can work on.


coached many teams (meaning different elo of teams ) from silver to grandmasters from  around the world
coached professional teams in leagues such as
prime league (division  4 achievment: playoffs)
LCFI ( finland second division achievment: playoffs)


xytz — would recommend 10/10

Drxgon — Really great small tipps, a lot of experience!

klay — Different from any other coach, VIP Version, +Recommend

Jeon — I really liked the coaching session and I will definitely want to get coached again, 10/10, I found it really helpful for me. I really recommend this coach.

Aury — You have a lot of great fundamental game knowledge to share, and I appreciated your positivity. I did notice that, at least in my session, a chunk of time was spent creating the tier list to discuss the various champions in the role (midlane in my case). The discussion about champion pool that followed was important, but it might be worth saving the tier list, or at least a screencap of it (and maybe one for other roles as well) so it can be quickly pulled up and discussed.

One thing I really liked was that the tips you gave were fixes I could very quickly attempt to implement into my playstyle, which immediately felt very helpful, and the fundamentals you focused on were more general tips that can help anyone improve. One thing I might consider (which you may already have) is setting up a short checklist of the basics to run through for the first session(s) with a player to see what fundamentals they might already have a grasp on, or maybe need help with. There are a number of super important topics you touched on during our session like wave control, csing under tower, back timing, and ward placement which are kind of general basic skills, but that different people may have different amounts of knowledge on. Having a short checklist of these basics to discuss (potentially while looking at a VOD?) could help you identify key areas of these basics to work on, as well as which areas the player might already have knowledge of. This in turn might help focus the goals of future sessions.

Olafboy2 — Good guy and knows what he’s talking about if u dislike him I will actually find you ❤️

Pistachio — really helped me improve with support and was a great coach to introduce me to the game since im new, would recommend tbh

Deez — coach firefly was very knowledgeable about coaching, although he didnt have much experience with my specific champion, he was able to give me many useful tips through his overall game knowledge. I would definitely recommend him to anyone from any ranklooking to round out their fundamentals.

Alexx — Coach firefly was very insightful and patient explaining concepts and guiding me through the game and what I need to improve on in the future as well as shaping up my champion pool

Lelouch Lamperouge — Coach firefly was very nice and patient, and explained the reasons for me doing or not doing something. He also talked me through the game and things i need to improve on, as well as how I should shape my champion pool. Overall, it was a very good experience

Strafer — firefly helped figure out wave management and how to extend my lead as much as possible
will absolutely ask more coaching sessions!

oddest — great coach, really laid out some ideas for me to work on and develop and targeted some of my key issues. Excited for more coaching sessions

gimlythegod — Great coach, we went over lane states and what to do in certain match ups and just talked about overall game macro calling. he related the game to chess and brought up many points on how chess and league are similar which REALLY clicked with me. shot calling has become easier and I can start to work on getting ganked less while still applying pressure, amazing work firefly:D

JElly — Firefly asked me the perfect questions and just answering them already made so much sense. He helped me to figure out my champion pool, laning stages, and he split the lane in to three sections which all had their own purposes.
I got really useful practice drills from him, and gave me a list of positives and negatives on what happened in the game.
I highly recommend this coach!

clarkstertv — Amazing coach, we went over positioning in lane, when and how to track enemy summoner spells, and went over how to itemize into certain team comps. Overall a really nice person and easy to talk to and understand.

maman — great coach! helped me with pathing and when to take objectives and not overcommit to unnecessary fights . very chill guy as well ^^

Lotus000 — I thought the coaching session was very helpful, gave me concise, actionable advice concerning macro and solid champion pool tips.

ura — Coach firefly is someone that you can rely on and trust to improve, i have no doubts at all that he is one of the greatest coaches, i didn’t take any coaching sessions since i started the game because i didn’t feel the need to but firefly proved me wrong and showed me what i was missing to be able to climb higher, believe me when i say no matter what’s your issue in this game coach firefly is going to identify it and help you work on it, and yes the answer that you’re all looking at when reading this feedback is: my winrate went higher since i understood what i was doing wrong and worked on it.


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