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I am an experienced and passionate Hearthstone coach who can help players of all experience levels to take their skills to the next level. I have been playing Hearthstone for over 5 years, and I have been coaching for 3 years. My students range from brand new players looking to learn the basics, to intermediate players aiming to make it into Grandmaster ranks, and even to professional players seeking more structure in their gameplay and strategies.

I offer a range of services tailored specifically to each player’s individual needs. This includes customized one-on-one sessions, where I will analyze your gameplay from replays, watch live streams together and discuss strategies, go over deckbuilding principles, explain match-ups, talk about different metagames, and more. Beyond that I offer strategic advice for tournament preparation, replay analysis for games in which you are having difficulty understanding how you should have played differently or what mistakes you made, as well as mock tournaments with friends or other students of mine in order to practice decision making under pressure.

I have helped many of my students reach their goals of achieving higher ranks in ladder rankings such as going from Rank 20 up to Legend rank or making it into Grandmaster ranks. Furthermore I have helped them reach better results in tournaments by providing insights on the meta game and decks that work best versus specific opponents as well as provide feedback on how they could adjust their playstyle better for each situation.

My goal is not only help my students become better at Hearthstone but also teach them important life lessons such as time management with regards to balancing between school/work/family commitments while still striving towards one’s goals in video games. Through my own personal experiences I know that this is possible because at one point I was able to balance between all these while still attending university full time and working part time while reaching the highest rank on ladder rankings – Legend rank within 2 months during Season 9 – a feat usually achieved by only professional Hearthstone players that stream 8 hours a day!

Overall my approach is not just focused on helping people improve their gameplay but also helping them stay motivated throughout their journey towards success no matter if it’s climbing ranks faster or winning a major tournament!


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