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FR & EN - F1 & LoL Coach - Credentials in bio :)

Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll make this quick, I can coach you at both LoL and F1 2020 & 2021 in french and english !

F1 :

Regarding F1 I have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of hours playing the game both solo and in league race, lot of that time has been spent working on my own setups for pretty much every single track and condition.

I am not an “alien” with an inate talent in racing games, but because I worked a lot and learned A LOT about the game and how it works I was able to win multiple national leagues such as the FRL, F1FL and LAS leagues. I also participated and placed up to second in the FCL league (in which we’ve had players considered easily within the top 10 fastest french non pros).

I also own both a wheel and a controller so I can easily help all of you !


LoL :

Having spent years and years at a high diamond level I have played for most of my LoL career with teams up to grandmaster level due to my very good macro game and ability to shotcall. I’m a very flexbile player having played at that level on both botlane roles as well as toplane and jungle !
I have only played midlane with low to mid diamond teams but I still have a decent level on this lane and can use most of my knowledge from other lanes to teach you a lot there !

But I am mostly an experienced coach and teambuilder having coached multiple teams who either reached later or participated in the open tour with me. The average level of those teams was also ranging from mid/high diamond to grandmaster. With another team however a few seasons ago all the players but one reached challenger and participated in the biggest french student tournament placing in the top 8.


Feel free to contact me for any question before ordering coaching sessions.


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