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Here to help your general game sense, macro plays and mechanic skills! Offer a session from me if you want to level up how you play, and want to be put on a plan towards improvement! <3

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Hi! My name is Kirel. I’ve coached for League of Legends teams ranging from silver to grandmaster elo, the highest elo which managed to qualify for Risen’s premier league (which is a qualification league for getting into Proving Grounds)! But don’t worry, the skills I’ve applied into learning League through coaching applies to many games as well. I also can coach for Apex Legends, Valorant, and CS:GO (I desperately love Apex at the moment).

I excel in macro and mechanical analysis, and I’m most known for my team coaching. Throughout my many sessions, I’ve developed a coaching philosophy for making streamlined plans, tailor made for my players, and adjust accordingly. This results in players leaving my sessions with a plan towards improvement, and will always make them feel like they are working towards and end goal.

Looking forward to working with you!


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