Rocket League | Asynchronous Replay Review


Send me your Rocket League replay for analysis!

Whether it be 1s, 2s, or 3s, I will provide you with detailed notes on where I see mistakes and how you can improve as a player. This type of session is centered more around tactical decision making than mechanics. I will provide training packs that focus specifically on the skills I believe you could benefit the most from.

This is an asynchronous session! Meaning we will not be meeting together. Instead, you will send me your replay file in Rocket League and I will send you back notes and training packs. For this session, you need to be on PC.

Navigate to Documents –> My Games –> Rocket League –> TAGame –> Demos for the folder that contains saved replays. To sort through the mess of replays, have Rocket League open at the same time you have your folder open and cross reference the date/time on Rocket League to identify which replay is which.

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