Valorant | Professional Coach and eSport Manager Coaching


Hi! I’m Lucavario, a student in a top 5 nationally (US) Sports Management program as well as a full-time professional Valorant Coach, and I want to coach you in Valorant as a Professional Coach and eSport Manager.

I have coached top teams like:

  • Devious Esports
  • AVA Esports, Hyperspace Dark
  • Team Simple
  • GALORANT team Missfits
  • and a top 10 HSEL team

I’ve coached over 100 individuals, many of which are Radiant/ top 10/top 5 on the ladder.

If you’d separately like to play with a top-level player I have a lot of connections to set you up with one. Previous to Valorant I was a professional player, shot-caller, and coach in the T2/T3 Overwatch Scene, notably on team Nova Fire. I have coached competitive Apex Legends, reaching Predator for the first two seasons I played in. I have coached in top-level Fortnite as well, coaching players through FNCS and Dreamhack qualifiers, as well as coaching Champ level players into qualifying for big tournaments.

I want to work with you personally through game review and thorough lessons to maximize your improvement and success.

This Package includes live or VOD game review

Languages Game Coach can speak