F1 2021 | Coaching by Esports Drivers


F1 2021 | Coaching by Esports Drivers

****PC ONLY | Your internet has to be good enough to screenshare in good quality****

Struggling which putting in good results, finding pace or are you trying to learn the F1 2021 game?

It’s true that the game takes skill, but with just the right help, setups, data and someone to support you and tell you what you can improve on it could be a lot easier.

I will help you!

When you contact me I will make sure you will be coached by the greatest of PC drivers. eSports academy drivers, and other top of the bill league racers.

Enough about me. Here is what I can do for you!

There’s a couple of different ways we can help.

If you generally want to improve I can give you all tips I can, settings, setups and some game knowledge.

If you have a specific race coming up or want to improve on a specific track, I can tell you exactly how to take the track.

In this case I do expect a small bit of base pace.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me personally

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Joseph Huerta
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