Hearthstone | Coach To Legend


Hi I’m James!

I’m an Australian Hearthstone player who has made it to legend many times using exciting and interesting decks! And I want to coach you to Legend in Hearthstone.

On top of this I’ve came second in the Hearthstone ANZ Open, streamed on the official Hearthstone channel (my username at the time was Vexenite).

As I said before, although I like to think I’m good at the game I also have the goal of HAVING FUN. So I like to learn exciting and interesting decks to take me to legend and even in high level tournaments I love the unconventional!

But whether you want to play a meta deck or want something more interesting, I’m here to help you get to legend and teach you how to stay there along the way. Generally I coach over discord, but can accommodate any needs you may have.

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