VALORANT | I will coach you as a Former Professional Player


I am a Former VALORANT T2 Pro Sentinel Player for Devious Esports, I still play scrims and tournaments for fun with some teams as a fill sentinel player! I’m here to offer as much help as I possibly can to you in VALORANT! I’ve been playing FPS games since 2010 starting with a game called Mission Against Terror! I also have been Legendary Eagle Master in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Faceit level 9, and Radiant in VALORANT ! As a Former Pro VALORANT player, I’ve been up against many Top of Tier 2 Teams and some Tier 1 teams and I can say the gap is quite huge! If you’d like to take your gameplay to the next level, or even improve your rank in VALORANT then this coaching should be your next investment!

I’ve coached players from IRON 1 to RADIANT and only found positive results afterward.

Every session will include VALORANT tips and tricks, ranked climbing advice, and practices to up your gameplay! You are given a choice to also have a live or VOD game review to further increase your success.

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