League of Legends | Coaching & Strategy Session


This coaching and strategy session for League of Legends (LoL) is a comprehensive and interactive experience designed to help players improve their gaming performance. It begins with an assessment of the individual’s current LoL playstyle and level of knowledge. The coach then reviews the game mechanics, character roles, strategies, objectives, objectives-based map control and in-game decision-making. Through a series of exercises, practice games, and lectures, the coach will provide feedback on every aspect of the player’s LoL gameplay.

We may review replay footage of past games as well as discuss weaknesses or strengths that have been identified during gameplay. This can be used to identify any potential issues with gameplay and develop strategies for improvement. Additionally, the coach can assist players in developing their own unique playstyle by identifying individual talents or weaknesses.

The sessions also include teaching key game concepts such as vision management, laning matchups, team comps and itemization. The coach can provide insight into how these concepts are used in competitive play to gain advantages over opponents. Furthermore, they can highlight areas where players may need to improve in order to reach the next level in their gameplay.

At the conclusion of each coaching session, the coach will provide personalized action plans tailored towards specific goals that have been discussed during the meeting. These goals could range from improving a certain champion pool or aiming for higher levels of solo queue rankings; whatever best suits the individual’s needs or aspirations! In addition, I am available to answer questions or provide additional resources outside of scheduled meetings if needed.

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