Rocket League | On-Stream Coaching Session


This Rocket League coaching session will be similar to a standard session with me, but it will take place on stream instead of in private, hence the discounted price. You’ll not only be getting a cheaper session, but you’ll be helping those who are also interested in improving in Rocket League learn from your gameplay!

Please bring 2 replays that you would like to review on stream. Game mode does not matter! Because this requires you to bring replays, you will either need to be on PC or coordinate with a friend who is on PC to help you get the replay files to send to me.

You’ll get comprehensive analysis of your in-game decision making. I will provide you with a fresh perspective and a path forward for improvement. We will spend the majority of the session reviewing replays, with the last 10-15 minutes spent working on mechanics. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about this kind of session!

Languages Game Coach can speak