Rocket League | Standard Coaching Session


An hour of Rocket League coaching with me! Please come prepared with two or more replays saved in game to analyze. If you are on console, do not worry about bringing replays to analyze – we will collect some together! Or if you have a friend who can get you replay files, that would be much appreciated and make our session go smoother. You can find files at C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos

In this hour, I like to start with replay review for the first half or so to identify what aspects of your game are weak and strong. We will examine tactical decision making and mechanical ability in game. From there, we will use the second half to determine the most effective methods of practice for the most optimal growth going forward. I will work with you to create a practice routine specific to skills I know your game could grow and benefit from. For example, workshop maps, training packs, and individual replay analysis are some of the types of training I assign to players following our sessions.

This hour is your time! These sessions can be whatever you’d like so please let me know if you have a specific vision for our session.

I expose my students to new ideas and concepts that grow their minds as players. Additionally, I ensure that each of my students feel that their own perspective on the game is challenged and that they begin to see a new side to Rocket League. I want each and every student to feel confident leaving these sessions with a clear path of how to progress on their own.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to working with you.



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“Incredible coach, straight to the point with helpful tips that I would never think about at my rank. He even came back a couple of days later to finish up the session as to wholly cover all the aspects of my gameplay/mechanics or anything that wasn\'t covered initially that he wanted to talk about. Definitely book Jack if its your first session, or 100th :)”

TJay Wagstaff
    • How was my quality of work?
    • Was I focused to deadline?
    • Was it worth it having my services?

“Very informative and helped me point out my problems and how to fix them.”

Jacob Smith

“I just got done with the session. It went great!”