How To Hire a Game Coach

Find the Perfect Fit For You

Looking for a place to improve your game with high level players so the next time you play your friends, you won't be on the ground looking up?

Or are you just looking to get better at a specific aspect of a game?

  • Coaching Sessions

    What are coaching sessions?

    Coaching sessions are specific offerings that our Game Coaches have put out there. Maybe they're a pro in one area and they want to teach you to be better at that. There might already be someone offering specifically what you're looking for.

  • Coaches

    Are you just looking to improve your overall skill in a specific game?

    Search through our list of Game Coaches. You can search by hourly rate, specific game, and even what languages they speak. 

  • Request a Session

    Need something specific and don't see it on the site?

    You can create a Game Session. From your Player dashboard you can create a session for whatever you might be looking for. Set the title, price, when you want, it and exactly what you're looking for and let the Game coaches come to you!

  • Completing Sessions

    How do the Game Coaches and I play together?

    Exactly how you and the Game Coach decide to get together to practice is up to you. Most of the time gamertags are exchanged and times are scheduled. 

  • After Completion

    And then what happens after we have our game session?

    After completion of your game session, you get a chance to rate your Game Coach and then funds are released.

  • Fees

    Does Gamerabble charge any added fees?

    Yes, as of December, 2021 in order to cover the cost of payment processing and keep the cost of the services down, Gamerabble charges a 5% transaction fee on coaching services from our platform. This only applies to direct coaching services.


How to Become a Game Coach

Set Yourself Up For Success

Do you consider yourself a championship caliber player? Are you really good at certain aspects of a certain game? Then put it out there! Simply create a coaching session and set your price. 

  • Gamerabble Platform

    How do people find me?

    When you create your account and your game session offerings, you'll automatically be put onto the site where potential players can search for you.

  • Marketing

    How can I get better visibility?

    While Gamerabble markets the entire site as a whole, we have found our Game Coaches get an immense return from their own word of mouth advertising. Let people know!

  • Fees

    How much do I pay in fees?

    Right now Gamerabble only takes a base 20% - 50% commission on your services, depending on the service type. Gaming Sessions on only 20% while VOD Curriculum is up to 50%. Direct coaching services are 20%, VOD is 50%, and Coaching Solutions is 30% as of December, 2021 

  • Games

    Can I offer coaching in any game?

    Within reason. If you want to offer coaching for a specific game that's not listed on our site right now, simply reach out to us and if approved we can put it on there for you.

  • Getting Paid

    Most importantly - How do I get paid?

    Great question! Upon completion of a given gaming session with a player, they will mark the session as complete. At that time funds will be release to your account and you can cash out to whichever platform you've chosen from your profile dashboard.